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Marzena Kierepka has been a practitioner for the last 10 years and Yoga instructor since 2005. She has studied with many prominent teachers in India, such as; the Iyengar family in Pune, Swati and Rajiv Chanchani in Dehradun, and Mr. Rudra in Rishikesh. Marzena trained with Justin Herold in Thailand, as well as the Oasis Centre in London.

She currently travels yearly to Pune in India to study under the Iyengar family, and she completed her Yoga TTC in Bangkok with Justin Herold (March 2009 – June 2011).

Marzena teaches an eclectic mix of Hatha Yoga incorporating Iyengar, Asthanga, Vinyasa and Hatha traditions into her practice. Taking the essence of those styles she creates her unique way which offers the students great benefits and variety. She maintains the balance between mind, body and spirit by including deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques into her lessons. She believes that Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, sex, lifestyle or ability, and feels it helps us to enjoy life and to be aware of the present moment.

Favourite sentence: “An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory” Swami Sivananda.


Helena Yan

Helena started her Pilates career in 2012 after years of practice. She dedicates the majority of her time in practicing, teaching and understanding Pilates.She believes that the methodology of Pilates is suitable for all ages. It makes people strong and confident, look nice and feel good.

After graduating from Solvay MBA Brussels School of Economics and Management she moved to Vietnam. Pilates has given her a second life in this unknown country.Having worked in Africa, Europe and Asia, all these years of expat experiences have taught her how to communicate with people from different backgrounds, understand different cultures,and incorporate this understanding into her teaching.She considers Pilates as a lifestyle not just a way of exercising. It’s a great way to connect your mind to your body and discover the muscles that you never knew existed.Not only does she deal with Abs strengthening, but also with lower back issues, postural problems, pelvic floor muscles rebuilding… full body work out.The exercises she designs are variable and exciting which include Standing Pilates and POP Pilates into the mat work. Life is full of surprises. Enjoy them!


Vu Kim Thu

Vu Kim Thu


Vu Kim Thu started practicing yoga in 2000 during her enrollment at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She fell in love immediately with yoga after her first class and notice the huge difference in body and mind after just an intensive week. Then she decided to study Hatha yoga with Suddha Weixler from Chicago Yoga Center for a few years while he offered his teaching at her art school.

In 2003, Thus practice was deepening in intensive classes at Chicago Moksha Yoga Center. From here, she followed the style of Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea and many other great teachers. In 2006, she travelled to Thailand to study Ashtanga yoga with Paul Dallahan at Yoga Thailand on Koh Samui.

In 2007, a severe back pain injury happened that changed her practice forever. Thu became more interested in yoga therapy, gentle practice and how yoga can play a role as a healing process physically and mentally. This lead her to take the Raja Yoga teacher training with Ron Katwijk at Magic Pond Yoga Center in Seoul, Korea. From here, her practice changed to a meditative and restorative style.

Thu’s favourite quote is; “Practice, practice and all is coming” by Sri K Patthabi Jois.


Thuong Nguyen

Hi everyone, my name is Thuong, I teach vinyasa yoga at Zenith.

After years of being away from Hanoi I came back here last June and immediately started teaching at Zenith.

From the first time visiting Zenith yoga, I fell in love with the beautiful studio, the friendly teachers and students that I met. Well.. Hanoi is my home town, I was born here raised here and left here years ago. For me ,it is a mix of feelings to be back on the land I was born and grew up in. I was very nervous at first. Everything has changed in Hanoi I really did not know how to begin my life after all the years behind me.

Coming to Zenith I find my peace again. I started to feel home. I knew then that as long as I have yoga in my life, as long as I teach yoga and bring the passion in my heart pass it on to students, see the smiles on their faces after each practice. I know I will be fine.

I had practiced yoga for 6 years before entering TTC program that was being held in Manila where I previously lived.  I graduated from a 200 hours vinyasa yoga TTC and very briefly after that I started teaching for my teacher’s in his beautiful  studios in the heart of the Philippines. I have practiced different kinds of yoga such as Ashtanga, Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar yoga but Vinyasa yoga is always dear to my heart. Before I knew yoga, I used to suffer from anxiety, I have history in lower back pain, I was very stressed and always worried about everything. Knowing yoga and got really hooked with this ancient practice I do not know now how did I ever live without my daily practice? I love practicing vinyasa yoga so so much.  Vinyasa classes are often upbeat and full of energy. These classes are challenging, constantly changing but  for sure well balance, well centered. For me, everyone is a teacher of themselves, we all are  learning each day a lot from one another. Welcome to join Zenith, practice and learn from each other, come and learn to soften the heart and live in the moment.


l’m Japanese.
l had been working as the aerobics instructor in japan before i become the yoga instructor.
I have seen many people who look so healthy but not good condition. So I started practicing Oki-Yoga with Yoshie Hirano in 2001.
I have practiced yoga on and off for over 10 years.
I trained at corporation a federation of Yoga Japan and then I started to teach in 2008. I have studied yoga from Osamu Tatumura(Tatumuru Yoga Laboratory Director),Yasuo Juzu(Katano healthy hall Director), Hiromi Hayashi(belongs Japan Yoga Meditation Association) .
I have already three children and I have spent every day with energy because I got benefits of yoga.
My favorite sentence : Take advantage of the wisdom of yoga in life.





Willie Cohe-Vroege

Willie discovered Yoga when she lived in Bangalore (India), where her first teacher taught her the way of Iyengar Yoga and this practice suited her very well. She loved the alignments in the poses and believes strongly using the props when it is needed.

She completed her 200 Yoga teacher course in 2012 at Zenith Yoga studio. Her beginners lessons are very much focused on getting a strong healthy foundation in the yoga practice. Willie believes that practicing yoga in daily life will bring the positivity out of the human-being.



I’m proud to say that Zenith Hanoi has raised me to become the Yoga and Pilates practitioner that I am today. I’m very thankful to find this studio three years ago. I was molded by the most encouraging and knowledgeable people. My yoga practice is highly influenced by the owner, Marzena and some visiting teachers like Dominique Renucci and Hart Lazer while my pilates practice was shaped by Mhairi, who used to teach in Zenith.

I did my yoga TTC in the Himalayas with the Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2012 and my Pilates TTC with Ory Avni who is affiliated with the Physical Mind Institute in Zenith in January the following year. I’ve also attended several yoga and Pilates classes and workshops in India, Thailand and England. I do enjoy seeing how other teachers teach or present a pose or exercise. I believe that you can never learn enough about teaching.

Getting into Pilates and yoga made me more aware of my body: what it is as of the moment, how it can improve and how this improvement can better one’s lifestyle in the long run. And, I do enjoy passing on this awareness to my students. My classes have a slow and steady pace that give the students the time to know their bodies and the movements that they are doing. I believe that each yoga and Pilates class that we attend is not just for present gain such as losing weight or being toned but an investment to our future well-being.

Nguyen Thanh Thuy

Nguyen Thanh Thuy has been practicing yoga since 2008. Finding herself benefited greatly from yoga so she traveled to India to learn more. She did the teacher training course with an Iyenga yoga base teacher in 2011. Beside Iyengar style, she also enjoys practicing vinyasa yoga. She has been taking part in numerous workshops and training with both vinyasa and Iyengar teachers. She loves Iyengar for its detail in anatomy and enjoy Vinyasa for its creativity, flow with the music.

 Ronit Nitzan

After having learned, enjoyed and experienced different methods of body work and body movement, Ronit started practicing Pilates and got hooked on it. Today she thinks that Pilates’ method is the foundation and the core of the body movement. Practicing Pilates gives you perfect support for all physical activities, it brings focus and awareness to the way you use your body and it Improves overall physical function, She says from her own experience. She keeps encouraging everybody, regardless of sex and age to practice Pilates – to find their inner strength, to improve posture, to feel stronger and longer.


Misawa Naomi     

Naomi came to Hanoi in 2000 from Japan for study at Vietnam University of Fine Arts. Naomi started practice yoga in 2012 when she was working at urban railway construction project office for enjoying the relaxing health benefits.

In 2013 April, she completed 200hour yoga teacher training at Tattava yoga shala in Rishikesh India. After she started teaching for her friend at her office, and keep practice while continue her work. she often went to traveling abroad for learning and finding inner awareness.

In late 2013, she quit her job and beginning focus attention on her yoga life. Then she started teaching yoga for small mother’s group who have babies and small kids at here. Yoga is a lot of kinds entrance and approach but essence is one. Her daily practice is Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and practice more other styles for develop and deeper understanding.

Naomi’s favorite word is ” Now Where Now Here”.

Manduka Japan Ambassador


 Heidi Woerner

Before moving to Vietnam in 2006 Heidi practiced Hatha yoga in Germany for several years.

When she moved to Hanoi she joined Zenith Yoga and took part in several workshops with International yoga teachers.

Inspired by these workshops she decided to do the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course
guided by Hart Lazer (United Yoga Montreal, Canada) and started teaching complete beginners yoga classes.

When teaching, her aim is to convey the importance of a strong yoga foundation to her beginner students.
From this foundation, they can expand their yoga experience.


Michelle Noullet

Michelle has practiced yoga since she was a teenager.  She loves all styles of yoga, but in 2007 was introduced to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and was so enthralled, she enrolled in a teacher training program in Bangkok.  She finished her level 1 certification in 2009 and has spent the last five years preparing for the level 2 certification. She is attracted to Kundalini yoga as a complete health system, energized by its mantras and music.  Michelle is delighted to have the opportunity to share this style at Zenith Yoga.



Virginie Proskurniak

Virginie began practicing yoga over 15 years ago and became a RYT with the Yoga Alliance in 2004. She strives to make students feel comfortable and to approach yoga with an open mind, open heart, patience, safety and a sense of humour! Her classes incorporate a vinyasa flow with a focus on the breath, helping to build strength, focus and confidence.

Virginie has participated in numerous workshops and trainings as she believes one must always remain a student first and a teacher second.

 Suzanna Hare

Suzanna came to yoga during university to learn how to calm the heart rate and feel spiritually connected to the universe. Having been interested in the healing arts and Buddhism from a young age, yoga quickly became one of Suzanna’s favorite past-times. Suzanna has done her 200 and 300 hour teacher certification in Rishikesh, India: the first in early 2012, and the latter in 2014. She has also completed level 1 with the Agama school of yoga, and has studied Vinyassa with Yogayantra Dominique. She has done continual trainings and workshops in the styling of Hatha, Vinyassa, Iyengar, Acro Yoga and Power Yoga, as well as attending workshops on nutrition and specific health-related themes with various teachers around the world. Her passion is in healing and holistic health, and has complete confidence in yoga as a tool to achieve well-being, balance, health and spiritual union. She has taught at Zenith since 2013.