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I took 3 classes at Zenith yoga, all with different teachers and each one equally as brilliant as the other for completely different reasons. The class I took with Thuong both me and my friend agreed was the best we have taken in all of south east Asia. All teachers really helped you look inwardly to your own practise, there was beautiful attention to detail in their succinct verbal posture description and gentle physical manoeuvres if we were off the intended position. I feel like I’ve learnt so much from just those 3 classes.
The cafe and chill out area at studio 2 is great for relaxing before class and offers delicious smoothies, coffees and I didn’t try their food but it looked equally as good. All healthy menu and no pressure to leave after your coffee, sitting and relaxing for hours with a book was totally acceptable.

- Cindertraveller, TripAdvisor February 2014 -

Wonderful! Great oasis in the middle of the old city. Lots of classes, friendly people, great cafe with fresh tasty food. You can usually find a special price for classes.

- Kimma, TripAdvisor 23 June 2013 -

I sometimes go to the pilates classes when I come to Hanoi and they are always excellent. The classes are not too big, the instructors are very professional and really know their stuff and they go around adjusting your individual technique, making sure you are getting the most out of the class and not at risk of injury. Yes a little pricey, but you get what you pay for, and here you pay for attentive teachers with deep understanding, a clean, welcoming studio and a serene place in a busy city. So worth it.

- Liz7, New Hanoian, 17 Jan 2013 -

Just did the weekend retreat yoga thing in Mai Chau.

Can 100% totally recommend it.

I came back, relaxed, refreshed, a bit sore and achy, and much more aware of how appalling my posture and general health is (is that a good thing to be aware of?).

Not cheap, but if u r in desperate need of a calm, quiet get away and a proper pummeling into submission by a lovely trainer all while smiling and entertaining u, then this is it.

I’ll be going again, next one is end of October I hear.

- Dave, New Hanoian, September 2012 -

After trying other classes, I realise how well trained and professional these teachers are. Being talked through the correct way to do various postures is really important to train up the correct muscles and avoid injuries and these guys really know their stuff.

There’s a variety of teachers with different styles to choose from, so something to suit everyone. And the recent addition of classes in French, Vietnamese and Japanese for yoga is fantastic.

- Szeling, New Hanoian, May 2012 -

It’s a wonderful space, an oasis of serenity in a busy world. The variety of yoga and pilates classes is excellent. From beginner to advanced, from medical to kids, etc. Lots of choices for everyone.

Marzena the owner is always looking to try new things and welcomes suggestions.

- Mads, New Hanoian, January 2011 -

The place is well-maintained, it’s clean and welcoming. I’ve only been there for one class, but I’ve met my friend there a couple of times. She had a month subscription, which allowed her to go to any class, and she spent quite a lot of time in there. The teachers are all different, and i found that, talking to different people, they all have their favorite teacher, which is not always the same one. From what I know, this place is worth a try if you can afford it.

- fredericG, New Hanoian, July 2011 -

Thank you Marzena and Agnes for your wonderful yoga classes. They are a little more spiritual and breathing-focussed than I am used to (I mainly like the stretchy stuff and being upside down) but it’s good to try new things.

Your studio is an absolutely necessary respite from the traffic, noise and pollution for me, and though I’ve never been on one, your yoga retreats sound like good fun. Maybe I will get to one in the new year.

I also admire your innovation and commitment to your students and the practice of yoga. Thanks again :)

- Shezza, New Hanoian, 2010 -

Hanoi’s best yoga studio.

The teachers are all very professional, the atmosphere is very welcoming and non-competitive.

If you want to practice yoga as a means of self discovery, rather than attend an aerobics style class, this studio is for you.

The classes consist of a good mix of pranayama and asana. You will be suitably challenged but will leave each class feeling refreshed!

- AussieExpat, New Hanoian, 2009 -