- Barbara - 15 March 2017, Tripadvisor -
"Excellent yoga and Pilates studio near West Lake"
I had a month's pass although I only used two weeks because I was on holiday but it was still really cost effective. I felt both the yoga and pilates were taught to a high standard and all the teachers were really professional and welcoming. I heartily recommend this studio. Also, they have an excellent vegetarian cafe serving wholesome and tasty food which was always buzzing. "

- Judith - 5 January 2017, Tripadvisor -

"Really nice island to recover from a chaotic asian city."
I lived in Hanoi for one year and during that time I practiced yoga at Zenith 1-3 times per week. The quality and atmosphere were always good. The instructors really took care of me and I always felt good when I entered the studio. The food was really tasty and if you want to drink a coffee, it's also nice to chill in their cafe. It's even well located with lots of small, nice shops around. You should go there :)

- Sandrine Thinnes - 17 November 2017, Tripadvisor  -
Zenith is a great place for yoga but also a great place to relax, sit back and enjoy a meal or a drink.
Zenith's Honey Ginger Tea with a piece of vegan chocolate cake is particularly yummy!

- Emma - 16 November 2016, on Tripadvisor -

"Best decision in Hanoi!"
I have been living in Hanoi for a couple of months and wanted to find a yoga studio. I am a beginner and have only done a minimal amount of yoga, on and off. I needed somewhere that was not overpriced that I could visit regularly for professional encouragement and direction. The reviews on Zenith looked so good soI checked it out. As I'm an English teacher I received a 50% off the fee which was brilliant (the monthly pass is usually $95)! I've been here for a week now and already done 7 classes, which I really really enjoyed. I have started with the Beginner Hatha yoga, but they have lots of other types available for intermediate and mixed levels. I've also tried the Pilates class which I would like to continue. All the teachers and staff are great - they're very friendly and encourage you to feel part of a community. Thuy's lessons for beginners are fantastic because she demonstrates every move properly while you watch, Then she will instruct again and support you while you try the pose. I've been to classes in other studios before where even in a 'beginner' lesson instructors assume you know some things and do not properly explain or help you. At Zenith, the teachers make you feel at ease and give you confidence to do the pose - they never leave you to worry if you're doing it right.

As well as the classes, Zenith regularly holds extra events or courses such as yoga teacher training, Reiki, foot massage, essential oils, etc. Last weekend my friend and I went to the Ayuverdic cooking class ($20) and their group bike ride (200,000VND with an amazing lunch included), which were both brilliant and definitely worth it! The cooking class was extremely interesting and a whole new perspective to food. There is also a vegetarian cafe at the studio, where I always give in to their amazing smoothies and the Daily Set Menu Deals (150,000VND for the daily dish plus a drink and a cookie). I'm not a vegetarian myself but all the food here is delicious. It's great to find you know you can eat healthy food and not have to worry! I could not recommend Zenith enough, give it a go and ask about their events!

- Van, 1 July 2016 On Tripadvisor -

"Healthy Day"
Our company had great time at Zenith. We attended a fantastic yoga class with Marzena and had a delicious lunch afterwards. I love the Zenith Pho Delight. We will come back soon. Thanks Zenith!

- Denise - 24 June 2016 On Tripadvisor -

"Wonderful place"
I went to Zenith regularly over the month of May while I was living in Hanoi, availing of the $45 initial discount. I tried most of the classes and had nothing but great experiences and direction from all the teachers. Their expertise is second to none and very insightful for a beginner like me. It's wonderful that there's such a variety of styles and classes. The cafe & coconuts are great too! It's a little oasis in the madness of Hanoi & I'll miss the classes & staff dearly!

- Martel Carter - May 2016 after the first cooking class in English -
We have both been very pleased with the recipes chosen and the food cooked. Most importantly, Huong is loving how much she is learning, And is able to then replicate the recipes for me.

- David M, on Tripadvisor, Sept 2015 - 

"Friendly for new arrivals, professional staff and good value!"
 I felt that Zenith provided a well-equipped studio and their staff speak English very well. Most importantly they make you feel welcome. There are several different payment options which were clearly explained to me when I joined. This all made me feel relaxed and positive about joining. Zenith is a great place for visitors and new residents to join.

- JOP P, on Tripadvisor, Aug 2015 -

"Lunch at the cafe"
There was a time I did not even consider eating vegetarian as I thought the food would be boring. However, thanks to some really tasty recipes and restaurants I have changed my mind. Zenith yoga cafe has contributed to this change as their food is very tasty, fresh and I leave the place with the feeling of having done something good for my body .... and soul.

- Astrid1964 on Tripadvisor, Aug 2015 -

"Feeling Home ............"
Every time I am in Hanoi, I visit this studio. In 2014 I did my TTC at Zenith. I feel like I'm at home there! The staff are friendly and experienced. I like the vegetarian food and the great smoothies. If you have time, visit this place to practice yoga or hang out with friends to enjoy the food and drinks!

- Inpfi - November 2014 -
I have been to Zenith cafe several times this month. They offer excellent Western and Vietnamese choices of food. Some dishes that I would recommend are grilled eggplant pita, pesto pizza and Vietnamese glass noodle salad. Definitely worth a visit when you come to Hanoi!

- Phuongtran95 - July 2014 -

"Great yoga studio with a very good vegetarian restaurant"
This is my favorite yoga studio in town. Zenith yoga also has a very good vegetarian restaurant with delicious juices and a wonderful 'conscious couscous dish.

- Hooooop, 5 of 5 stars - May, 2014 -

"Wonderful food and great yoga too. My stay here has been like rehab for the soul because of Zenith. "
I have been to Zenith II many times during my stay here in Hanoi. The food is simply amazing - you can tell that they put lots of effort in cultivating a menu that is good for you in every possible way. Very nutritious! My body and soul are loving it! I have been traveling for over a year and for my stay here has been like rehab because of Zenith. The staff are super sweet too! Just a great place to relax and recharge. I also tried the beginner yoga at Zenith I with Izumi. It was wonderful: she is a great teacher with warm energy, and as a beginner I felt very safe with her. I wish I could do yoga like this every day for the rest of my life. This place is worth every single penny I have spent here.

- Sabrina K - April 2014 -
I took 3 classes at Zenith Yoga, all with different teachers and found each one to be as equally brilliant as the others for completely different reasons. For the class I took with Thuong, both my friend and I agreed it was the best we have taken in all of south east Asia. All teachers really help you look inwardly to your own practice, There was beautiful attention to detail in their succinct verbal descriptions of postures and gentle physical corrections if we were off the intended position. I feel like I've learned so much from just those 3 classes.
The cafe and chill out area at studio 2 is great for relaxing before class and it offers delicious smoothies, coffees. It all looked so good. A super healthy menu and no pressure to leave after coffee - even sitting and relaxing for hours with a book was totally acceptable.

- Cindertraveller, on TripAdvisor February 2014 -
Wonderful! Great oasis in the middle of the city. Lots of classes, friendly people, great cafe with fresh tasty food. You can usually find a special price for classes.

- Kimma, on TripAdvisor, June 2013 -
I sometimes go to the pilates classes when I come to Hanoi and they are always excellent. The classes are not too big, the instructors are very professional and really know their stuff.They go around adjusting your individual technique, making sure you are getting the most out of the class and not at the risk of injury. Yes a little pricey, but you get what you pay for, and here you pay for attentive teachers with deep understanding; a clean, cozy studio and a serene place in a busy city. So worth it. 

- Liz7, on New Hanoian, Jan 2013 -
Just did the weekend retreat yoga thing in Mai Chau. Can 100% totally recommend it. I came back, relaxed, refreshed, a bit sore and achy but it was worth it. I'm much more aware of how to appalling my posture and general health is (is that a good thing to be aware of?). Not cheap, but if ur in desperate need of a calm, quiet get away and a proper workout with a lovely trainer all while smiling and entertaining you, then this is it. I'll be going again to the next one at the end of October.

- Dave, on New Hanoian, September 2012 -
After trying other classes, I realize how well trained and professional these teachers are. Being talked through the correct way to do various postures is really important to train up correct muscles and avoid injuries - these guys really know their stuff. There are a variety of teachers with different styles to choose from, so something to suit everyone. And the recent addition of classes in French, Vietnamese and Japanese for yoga is fantastic.

- Szeling, on New Hanoian, May 2012 -
It's a wonderful space, an oasis of serenity in a busy world. The variety of yoga and pilates classes is excellent. From beginner to advanced; from medical to kids; etc: there is lots of choices for everyone. Marzena the owner is always looking to try new things and welcomes suggestions.

- Mads, on New Hanoian, January 2011 -
The place is well-maintained, clean and welcoming. I've only been there for one class, but I met my friend there a couple of times. She has a monthly membership, which allows her to go to any class, and she spends quite a lot of time there. The teachers are all different, and I found when I was talking to different people, they all have their favorite teacher.. From what I saw, this place is worth a try if you can afford it.

- fredericG, on New Hanoian, July 2011 -
Thank you Marzena and Agnes for your wonderful yoga classes. They are a little more spiritual and breathing-focussed than I am used to (I mainly like the stretchy stuff and being upside down) but it's good to try new things. Your studio is an absolute must- it's a respite from the traffic, noise and pollution for me, and though I have never been on one, your yoga retreats sound like good fun. Maybe I will get around to going to one in the new year. I also admire your innovation and commitment to your students and the practice of yoga. Thanks again. 

- Shezza, on New Hanoian, 2010 -
Hanoi's best yoga studio. The teachers are all very professional, the atmosphere is very welcoming and non-competitive. If you want to practice yoga as a means of self discovery, rather than attending an aerobics style class, this studio is for you. The classes consist of a good mix of pranayama and asana. You will be suitably challenged but will leave each class feeling refreshed!

- AussieExpat, New Hanoian, 2009 -