Welcome to our Reiki Energy Workshop. In this workshop, you will learn about the basics of Reiki as a healing energy tool for yourself. Includes:

- Intro talk
- 5 mins Balancing of inner body alignment
- 10 mins Meditation from the heart
- 30 mins practice of connecting with energy in pairs or groups.

By the end the participants will have found an ability to connect to Reiki Energy, open heart chakra, know how to balance chakras and experienced Reiki practice.

A workshop leaded by Jessica Williams:

A British expat and Mother of an active 5yr old boy, Jessica has been practicing #Reiki since 2008, when she moved to Shanghai from England with her job in the Fashion industry. "Reiki provided her with the tool to maintain a healthy balance of mind and body in a chaotic city and a busy work environment. She now fits Reiki into her daily routine and in March 2018 took my Reiki Mastership course in HK. She also practices yoga, meditation, and enjoys to read psychology and articles well-being".
Jessica enjoys to help and assist individuals she meets along her life journey. With a desire to transform their lives and open to new possibilities and release what they no longer need.

Time: 10 - 11h, Saturday, 22 June
Place: Zenith Yoga Au Co, 2nd Floor, Westlake suite building, no. 99B, 275 Au Co.
Price: early bird 250k vnd before 18 June. After that 300k
Register today at: https://forms.gle/isCFCMBKEKeL6mhH8