Experience Pilates through new eyes

with international Master Trainer STÉPHANE ANDRÉ.
7 - 8pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays
12 classes in 6 weeks
Price: 120$ for 12 class paid in advance; 12$ for a drop-in class

Course starts with 8 students.
Register today at https://forms.gle/z3eGbrPauZxq3tpMA

About The Master Trainer Stéphane André

Stéphane André discovered Pilates more than 30 years ago under the guidance of Cathy Grant. The Pilates training allowed him to continue to dance in spite of chronic pains in his knees. He also benefited of his stay in New York to study with Susan Hefner and Irene Dowd, two international leading experts in the field of anatomy and neuromuscular rehabilitation.

Stéphane taught instructors in North America, in Europe, in Asia and in Oceania. He is recognized for his rigor, his sense of the details and his inquisitive spirit for research.

In 2010 Stephane moved to Sénégal where his practice took an interesting turn. He was brought to work with children with polio and adapted Integrated Pilates™ training to a new level.

In 2013, Stéphane becomes a Certified Rolfing™ Practioner from the European Rolfing Association (Munich) and Rolf Institute in Boulder.

He continues his studies in Visceral and Sacral-Cranial works through the Barral Institute and the Upledger Institute in Spain and abroad.

His principal interest is movement, learning and the understanding of pain. His work is very estimated in the field of the prevention and rehabilitation by doctors, colleagues, top athletes, artists, dancers and people who wish to improve their performance, their abilities of expression, their body fluency.