Workshop Content

The workshop will provide the knowledge of how to explore and improve the backbend method in order to bring you a more powerful and safer Yoga Backbend Asana.

In the workshop, we will be looking into powerful backbend poses such as Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose), Bhujangasana Wall (Cobra on wall), Vrschikasana Pincha Maryurasana (Scorpion in Forearms Stand). Participants will be instructed and closely monitored to ensure perfection in each pose.

About teacher

Piseth has taught since 2009 and in late 2012 he began his new career as a studio manager at NataRaj Yoga Studio in Phnom Penh. Currently, Piseth oversees teaching Private Classes, Daily Classes, Workshops, Retreats and he&;s also assists with Zenith&;s  Essential Yoga Teacher Training Course in Hanoi.

He has lead Yoga Workshops and Yoga Retreats for yoga practitioners from around the world.