Marzena Kierepka has been a practitioner for the last 10 years and Yoga instructor since 2005. She has studied with many prominent teachers in India, such as; the Iyengar family in Pune, Swati and Rajiv Chanchani in Dehradun, and Mr. Rudra in Rishikesh. Marzena trained with Justin Herold in Thailand, as well as the Oasis Centre in London.

She currently travels yearly to Pune in India to study under the Iyengar family, and she completed her Yoga TTC in Bangkok with Justin Herold (March 2009 – June 2011).

Marzena teaches an eclectic mix of Hatha Yoga incorporating Iyengar, Asthanga, Vinyasa and
Hatha traditions into her practice. Taking the essence of those styles she creates her unique way which offers the students great benefits and variety. She maintains the balance between mind, body and spirit by including deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques into her lessons. She believes that Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, sex, lifestyle or ability, and feels it helps us to enjoy life and to be aware of the present moment.

Favourite sentence: “An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory” Swami Sivananda.


Vu Kim Thu

Vu Kim Thu started practicing yoga in 2000 during her enrollment at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She fell in love immediately with yoga after her first class and notice the huge difference in body and mind after just an intensive week. Then she decided to study Hatha yoga with Suddha Weixler from Chicago Yoga Center for a few years while he offered his teaching at her art school.

In 2003, Thus practice was deepening in intensive classes at Chicago Moksha Yoga Center. From here, she followed the style of Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea and many other great teachers. In 2006, she travelled to Thailand to study Ashtanga yoga with Paul Dallahan at Yoga Thailand on Koh Samui.

In 2007, a severe back pain injury happened that changed her practice forever. Thu became more interested in yoga therapy, gentle practice and how yoga can play a role as a healing process physically and mentally. This lead her to take the Raja Yoga teacher training with Ron Katwijk at Magic Pond Yoga Center in Seoul, Korea. From here, her practice changed to a meditative and restorative style.

Thu’s favourite quote is; “Practice, practice and all is coming” by Sri K Patthabi Jois.


Willie Cohen Vroege 

They promised me coffee…

When I moved to India with my family, everyone split away; kids went to school and my husband to work. Luckily, I met a few ladies who were practicing yoga and fortunately they asked me to come and practice with them. At the time, Yoga was something ambiguous for me, but they said “come we are drinking coffee after practice!”

Soon after I discovered that Yoga was not something vague, nor trendy, but something that can really change the body and mind in the most positive way.

I was very lucky to have a great first Teacher, Chethan  Sateesh  who created my foundation, after which I soon established my love for yoga.

A few years later in Hanoi, fate revealed itself through my second teacher, Marzena Kierepka , from Zenith Yoga. Immediately after, I enrolled in the first teacher course under Hart Lazer who is till today my teacher. My devotion for his teachings persuaded me to participate in an advanced teacher course in Manila, allowing me to develop my passion under many great guest teachers.

I strongly believe in teaching a solid foundation in the yoga practice and to send the message that Yoga is for young and old, to bring all people standing proudly in Tandasana.


 Thuong Nguyen

Practicing yoga regularly for at least 5 years before taking a big step to become yoga instructor has helped Thuong so much in her teaching. For her, most important part of being an instructor is being a student first. Getting regular practice means being on the mat and do the real thing, sharing yoga journey with students to understand them and to acknowlegde their hard work and encourage them, guide them through their practice.

Thuong always tries to improve herself in practice as well as thrives to better as a person.

She got her first trainning to become a vinyasa yoga instructor through Bliss yoga Philippines in 2012 and soon after she started her teaching  journey at Bliss Yoga Manila.

Due to family circumstance, she came back to Hanoi in 2013 and almost right at arrival she was welcomed to zenith family and has been teaching at both studios since. To hone her teaching skill, Thuong went to India for 7 weeks in 2014 to join a vinyasa course with Dominique Renucce. She is now a certified 500 hour vinyasa instructor. Her classes are not always easy but they can be  fun.

Its more than just a job for me to come to class. It is a place where I can be just myself, give what I know best and help students to do their best and be just who they exactly are. Zenith community is not only a place to  practice yoga but also a place to make friends and to take a breather. Its like  my second home here.

Come and join us at zenith…


Thuy Nguyen

Started yoga since 2008, it’s been a remarkable journey for me. I have been through a lot with yoga. Practicing Asanas for the body is an interesting part, practicing yoga for the mind has influenced me the most. Yoga has led me to a wise philosophy of life, guide me to meet inspiring people, be with me through difficult times…

Thanks to yoga, I am who I am now, and I really appreciate it!

And Zenith yoga studio is the “real” yoga studio in Hanoi that I know, with carefully selected teachers, with an inspiring yoga community, with valuable workshops and training from yoga gurus coming from different parts of the world . I’m proud to be a student and teacher here!



Christine Wurm

       ” Keep moving to stay alive”

By training I’m an actress in the theatre. The first time I did a “Pilates” session was by chance during a training with dancers.

It was immediately beneficial for me so I have never stopped practicing. In Paris I started training to become a teacher and eventually received my certification in “Romana’s Pilates” by Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santos who studied with Joseph Pilates himself.

I found in “Pilates” a good way to center myself before a show and in my daily life; focus my mind, keep my body in a good shape, find confidence and energy, and open my imagination to using my body with lightness and flow.

Now I travel over the world with working experiences  in France at the studio Pilates de Paris and Studio Pilates de Toulouse, in London at DK Pilates Studio and  Studio Intelligent motion, in Bangkok at The Pilates Studio , in Séoul and now in Hanoi. Everywhere I work as a Pilates instructor I like to meet new people and do new workshops. Everywhere it is delightful to teach and help people  improve themselves.

When I finally moved to Hanoi in March 2015 I have naturally « landed » at Zénith Yoga Studio, which is «  the-place-to-be ».

I meet so many people in each session from so many nationalities that I continue to travel during my class… This nice energy there gives me wings to fly higher and give  more to my lovely students…

“Keep moving to stay alive” is my motto.

Training  and certification : Paris, Ireland, London and New York  “Romana’s Pilates ” –

This certification covers all equipment, mat, apparatus, exercises that Joseph Pilates created

In 2013 :  I opened my personal studio “Home pilates” which travels with me.


Zuzzalla Krishna Hare

“Suzanna has been living in Hanoi for 4 years, and lives with her dog and cat. She has completed her 200 and 300 hour teaching certification in the holy city of Rishikesh in 2012 and 2014. She enjoys blending the yoga stylings of Hatha, Vinyassa and Restorative Yoga in her practice. Suzanna loves being part of the Zenith community, which has been an instrumental tool in her personal growth and journey in yoga. She believes wholeheartedly that yoga will change your life if you practice. “By mastery comes wisdom,” Yoga Sutra 3.5. A big namaste to all of you.”


Nhung Hoang

I have been falling in love with yoga at the first time I practiced since 2010. One year later, I have been teaching with some easy classes. In 2013, I got Hatha certificate with Hart Lazer. I love both Hatha and Vinyasa but I teach mainly in Vinyasa.

Yoga helps me to find out my best friends, to build up my physical and mental strength, to be calm and brave enough to cope with and get over many problems. Thank Zenith for giving me a chance to learn, to practice and to understand yoga.


Ronit Nitzan

After learning and experiencing different methods of body work and enjoying body movement I started practicing Pilates and got hooked. Today I think Pilates’ method is the foundation and core of the body movement and that practicing Pilates gives one the perfect support for all physical activities. Practicing Pilates brings focus and awareness to the way you use your body and it Improves overall physical function.  You will notice that your daily activities become easier to perform and that your body carries you in a firmer yet smoother way. I keep encouraging everybody, regardless of sex or age to practice Pilates – to find their inner strength, to improve posture, to feel stronger and longer. See you in class.


Gavan Dolin

For me Yoga is a lifelong experience. I started yoga practice 25 years ago. Memories as a child playing at practicing asana come back to me. I didn’t know what Yoga was then. It just felt right. I feel I am always learning more about Yoga and meditation. I now know that as I get older, that age is not the limitation I expected it to be. Understanding and patience develop with experience and allows me see more clearly that I did when I was younger.

As a yoga teacher I hope to help students understand that yoga is more than being able to do a difficult pose well. I believe that everyone can benefit from yoga practice. Everyone’s body is different, and  each of us come to a place in yoga where we realise that physically we are limited ( be it an injury, medical condition or pain). I see asana ( the physical practice of yoga) as only the preparation of the body to allow the mind to become quieter. When the mind becomes quieter, meditation is possible.




Huyen Nguyen

Back in Korea 2010,  I started practicing yoga after my second baby came along. At first, I just wanted to tone my body but oh dear, yoga got me way further than that. Over daily practice, Yoga has improved my physical health, and has given me a new outlook and optimism. It also helps to calm and clear my mind, knowing how to deal with problems easily

In order to improve my teaching experience, I usually self practice as well as exploring a variety of classes/workshops from beginner to advanced with different teachers all over the world.

Vinyasa gives me opportunity to create interesting flows while Hatha strongly offers me ways of deepening in alignments for each posture. I love teaching both. It is truly amazing to find out what your body can do and what you need to learn, Just enjoy your journey of yoga, keep practicing and all is coming!

When I found Zenith and I knew that I could change my life by starting TTC there, my joy was over the moon! So I got a Hatha certificate with Hart Lazer in 2013, and have been teaching ever since.

Sincerely thanks Zenith for making my dream come true – you are my 2nd family 🙂


“Now Where Now Here”

I started and naturally became attracted to yoga since 2012. Last in 2013, quit my job and beginning to teach yoga in Hanoi. It was one of small change in my life. Then I have started teaching yoga at Zenith yoga studio since middle 2014. Zenith is most my favorite place when I began to do yoga practice. I belief that yoga is a lot of kinds entrance and approach but essence is one.

My favorite motto is “Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness”. Yoga Sutra 1:14


Thien Huong Trieu

“Life is no limits”

Trieu Thien Huong is a young dynamic girl who is from Ho Chi Minh city. She love the bustle and very proactive, always want to explore something new and ready to give herself a chance to be challenged without worrying about the result. During 4,5 years working in one of the biggest Shipping Line company in the world, Huong faced with many experiences: good performances, happy, sad, stress and hurt… And everytime she does Yoga and Pilates which helped her to overcome all bad mood and back to herself. After she resigned her job, she travelled and desired to find back to herself, what she wants to do, who she wants to be.

And Hanoi is a place where she fell in love with!

She loves the weather, the local people, she loves Hanoi food, the old quater, small alley, tiny stairs, vintage style in Hanoi…

Then she wanted to stay here longer to enjoy and Zenith is the first place popped up on Google when she searched for Pilates Mat Instructor Training course. With a background as a Aerobic dancer when she was a child and be a hiphop dancer/ teacher when she was a student, she felt very confident and love to inspire people her energy and make people feeling better, happier after her class. And she considered “Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out; just Now or Never”. So she decided to registered this course at Zenith Yoga in Hanoi.

After getting the Certificate, Huong enjoys on teaching, she felt very well after practicing and understand more about her body and mind, she explored many things new about her body that she had ever known before, she loves and takes care of herself more. And she also love to help everyone to be healthy and happy like her, she would love to inspire people her mindset “I love myself, I love who I am and I love what I love to do”.