Article by Taryn Walker

In traditional yogic teachings the soul is said to descend into the material world progressively through the 6 chakras. Each of the chakras gives a different level of consciousness, which altogether make up a human being. So the chakras are way more than centers of energy!

It is generally accepted in Eastern traditions such as Yoga and Chinese Medicine that we exist on different levels beyond the physical body. Reiki works mostly with the second layer of our being, the pranic or etheric body, though ripple effects of healing may also be felt in the less dense layers, such as the emotional body.Reiki works beautifully with the chakras, but given their highly complex nature, it's good to be realistic about what is possible with a Reiki session.

The chakras extend into all of our bodies. This is why purification of the chakras can be a life-long journey. Some of our issues are deep-seated and not even accessible to us unless we develop a genuine awareness of our more subtle layers.

A Reiki session may help us to feel better by bringing us into greater balance on some levels, but deeper traumas and issues require an additional supportive therapeutic process. Transpersonal psychotherapy in combination with deep meditation and traditional Yoga is known to be very effective.

If you're going for regular Reiki sessions but are unable to stabilize the positive effects it means your deeper subconscious issues are not being addressed. Does this mean you should drop Reiki? Absolutely not! Just be aware that Reiki may not be ALL you need.

Chakra Balancing with Reiki

Image by saftladen

Freeing up and balancing energy in the pranic body, which is what Reiki is so good at, puts you in an excellent position to begin working on your deeper issues.

It feels beautifully centering to end the session over the heart like this.

Trust your intuition throughout this process and always make sure the receiver is left in a calm and balanced state.

With regular chakra balancing a person may begin to receive insights into the issues present on the deeper layers of the chakras. It is then important to decide whether Reiki alone can be used to deal with these impurities or if complementary therapies are required.