This comprehensive pre & post natal certification course will show you how to teach safe and inspiring classes using a variety of methods including Yoga, Pilates, relaxation, visualization and more. We will explore the physical, emotional and hormonal changes, talk about common issues and how to support women the best possible way during this special time of their lives.

We are committed to deliver top-quality teacher training to students from around the world. Our program is designed to be a profound personal experience and will be prepared to safely and confidently teach. 


Course intructor Or-Yah (Ory) Avni is owner & founder of Body & Flow International Education Programs.
Ory is a professional, talented and experienced Yoga/Pilates/Dance teacher, as well as a mother of 4 children, so she undertands more than anyone why practicing is so important and necessary when women are pregnant. 
As a teacher of teachers, Ory has certified over 500 instructors from all over the world and is known for her deep knowledge, well-structured and organized classes emphasizing technique, incorporating flowing movement, breath work and... fun!

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