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    Private classes at Zenith Studio

    Private sessions are a powerful way to connect with yourself and to focus on your specific areas and needs.

    Take time for yourself and flexibly fit Yoga/Pilates into your busy schedule.

    Our one-on-one classes are taught by our excellently trained and highly qualified staff in a friendly, simple and professional manner. Whether you want to practice from the convenience of your home, or at the studio, our teachers are available to meet your needs and will support you in the best way possible.

    Private sessions can be booked for 60, 75 mins and 90 min.

    Please contact Zenith Yoga Reception or email us for more information.

    Corporate classes

    Zenith offers onsite corporate Yoga/Pilates to progressive businesses that understand that looking after the well-being of their team of employees is essential to maintaining high performance.

    The size of corporate classes can vary depending on your needs and the space available at your location. The classes are designed to cover all levels of Yoga/Pilates. Yoga/Pilates have a wide range of benefits at any time of the day. Practising before work can be a fantastic start to the corporate day, a lunch time class can be a wonderful way to regain energy for the afternoon, and a class scheduled at the end of the day can be a great way to unwind after sitting at the desk all day.

    Contact our studio for more information.



    To accommodate various needs of our students, Zenith offers different types of passes including monthly, 10 class, 20 class, 6 month, yearly passes. Drop in class is also available for you. Check our promotion category to get updated deals. More details can be found by contacting the studio directly.

    Class pass applying for normal classes on the schedule, the class pass fee is NOT including for workshop, events or special sessions.


    • Please pay for your class in USD or VND, cash only. Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards.
    • The studio cannot give refunds on any purchases.
    • For the fee structure please contact Zenith Yoga directly on: 0904 356 561 or 04 3266 8125.


    These classes welcome all levels. No previous experience is needed to enjoy these classes

    Beginner Level (Level 1)

    Our beginner classes explore asana (poses) including standing, seated, twists, backbends, inversions (including shoulderstand, headstand preparation) and the fundamentals of sun salutations.

    Poses and sequences are practiced with alignment in mind offering practitioners the opportunity to gain confidence, strength, and flexibility. The details of basic postures are emphasized with variations so that students gain comfort and learn appropriate modifications for their personal practice.

    Intermediate Level (Level 2)

    Perfect for students comfortable in our level 1 classes and ready for a challenge – our intermediate classes offer well rounded sequences of postures. Inversions such as headstands, handstands, arm balances, backbends, twists and binds are practiced which encourage strength, stamina and flexibility. In level 2 or higher, teachers often call out poses in English or Sanskrit and the class is not typically based on demonstration therefore familiarity of poses practiced in level 1 is important.  A strong foundation in yoga is recommended as well as an understanding of your body&;s appropriate modifications. We recommend if you have any injuries or special conditions you review healthy modifications with the teacher before class begins.

    Advanced Level (Level 3)

    This level emphasizes the practice of more advanced poses including arm balances, advanced inversions and deeper backbends intertwined with intelligently creative sequences to challenge and advance your practice. You don&;t have to already be masters of these advanced poses, but we encourage the desire to try them out! Recommended for teachers and advanced practitioners.

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