All levels are welcome to take part in these regular classes. No previous experience is needed to enjoy any of these.

  • Beginner Level (Level 1)

Our beginner classes explore asanas (poses) including standing, seated, twists, backbends, inversions (including shoulder-stand and headstand preparation) as well as the fundamentals of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations).


Poses and sequences are practiced with alignment in mind offering practitioners the opportunity to gain confidence, strength, and flexibility. The details of basic postures are emphasized and variations are given for each pose so that students gain comfort and learn appropriate modifications for their personal practice.

  • Intermediate Level (Level 2)

Perfect for students comfortable in our level 1 classes and ready for a challenge – our intermediate classes offer well-rounded sequences of postures. Inversions such as headstands, handstands, arm balances, backbends, twists and binds are practiced which encourage strength, stamina and flexibility. In level 2 or higher, teachers often call out poses in English or Sanskrit and the class is not typically based on demonstration therefore familiarity of poses practiced in level 1 is important. A strong foundation in yoga is recommended as well as an understanding of your body&;s appropriate modifications. We recommend if you have any injuries or special conditions to be at class 10 minutes early to review healthy modifications with the teacher before class begins.

  • Advanced Level (Level 3)

This level emphasizes the practice of more advanced poses including arm balances, advanced inversions and deeper backbends intertwined with intelligent and creative sequences to challenge and advance your practice. You don&;t already have to be masters of these advanced poses, but we encourage the desire to try them out while in a safe space such as our Advanced Classes. These classes are recommended for teachers and advanced practitioners.


(*)The training courses need practice experience. Check details of the courses requirements here: